Anxious Machine is a production of me. I'm Rob McGinley Myers.

(McGinley Myers is actually my last name. I'm not trying to sound pretentious.)

I am a podcaster, writer, teacher, and former radio producer for The Writer's Almanac, On Being, and contributor to Weekend America.

The podcast started as a show about the impact of technology on our everyday lives, but it has grown into a show about humans struggling with all the things that humans make, from cars and chemotherapy to handguns and birth certificates.

Some Episodes to Start with:

I Had No Instinct - a new mother grapples with the unnatural world of a neonatal intensive care unit

Inbox Time Machine - a daughter keeps in touch with her estranged father almost entirely over email

The Window Seat - an Egyptian man's relationship to air travel changes after he moves to the U.S.

Protect My Family - a father puts the life of his son in the hands of doctors

A few things I've written:

Placibo-philes - the benefits of the placibo effect in wine, audio, and alternative medicine

The Affordance of Intimacy - how the shape of a device changes what we do with it

Caught Like Insects in a Web - how the internet preserves and exposes only parts of our identities

Not Remembering Ourselves - ways technology can make us more human

Artificial Communication - what the movie Her says about our relationship to technology

Better Living (and Less Anxiety) through Software - how I got interested in technology, and how it made me less anxious


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Twitter: @robmcmyers