Reclaiming My Lifeforce with Keyboard Maestro

I moved to New Jersey in the second grade, and my new teacher told me I had the ugliest handwriting she'd ever seen. I blame her for the fact that I have hated writing by hand ever since. Luckily, two years later, my fourth grade teacher showed me how to type on a computer. I never looked back, turning in as many assignments by typing as I could. The facility with which I could edit, change, and rearrange words on the screen felt magical. As I've gotten older, and nerdier, I'm always looking for new ways to re-experience that feeling when computers actually reduce the friction of my life, when I can coast on Steve Jobs's metaphorical bicycle.

Listening to a recent episode of Mac Power Users, possibly the nerdiest of the nerdy podcasts I listen to, I was inspired to create my first screencast about one such friction reducing tool: Keyboard Maestro. This application saves me time every single day, and I've long wanted to share its tricks with the world.

This was my first podcast, so forgive the video quality and the filming location (my closet). If you're interested, Keyboard Maestro has a free trial at their website. Check it out.